DHZ Fitness offers different models of the Regun. For professional use, at home and on the go. All Reguns massage the body very effectively through the skin with vibration at different frequencies. The physiological effects are very similar to manual massage methods. With the vibration massage, however, deeper lying areas can be reached faster and better.


This application can be used for activation before exercise, for pain and for relaxation. The application also offers faster regeneration and muscle relaxation after exercise. The great advantage of vibration massage is, with up to 3,000 vibration repetitions, a high level of neural stimulus, which results in greater stimulation than is possible with manual massage. Applications with strong pressure increase blood flow processes, gentle pressure with high frequencies is more suitable for pain therapy.

Es gibt unterschiedliche Anwendungsvarianten:

  1. klassische passive Anwendungstechnik in Ruhestellung oder Muskeldehnstellung
  2. passive und aktive dynamische Anwendungstechnik
  3. passive kombiniert mit manueller Anwendungstechnik

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