Training is our language.

Fitnessclubs and Gyms all over Europe are getting ready for a smart and safe reopening of their clubs. Everybody is looking forward to welcome members back at their training facility. They are coming to improve their health. Nobody is looking for an infection with Covid-19 at the gym. Club owners have to present a safe place to restart fitness training.
Respiratory protection will be one of the keyfactors to protect your members and staff. Masks can become a stylish accessory, but first of all, they have to be available, affordable and hygienic.

DHZ China is producing two different kinds of respiratory masks for the European market in their own factory in China, in order to supply our fitness customers first hand with a high standard of protection.

DHZ 3-layer Baoduoshi disposable mask for civil use and DHZ 4-layer KN95 disposable mask for civil use.