With a versatile training on weight machines you can train your body balanced, keeping the risk of injury low. Compared to free weight training there is much less likely to cause injuries. But even while exercising on guided machines mistakes can be made. These are usually due to lack of knowledge and thus not executed correctly.

Incorrect exercise execution can be habit-forming and manifest quickly. Unfortunately the consequences can be felt after many years in form of injuries, joint problems or muscular tension, shortening or Dysbalance. During the defective execution of exercises difficulty of the exercise or the high weight is not necessarily decisive.

Incorrect movement patterns lead to a steady deterioration of joints and structures. False patterns are nothing unusual to see in a gym, but to recognize themselves while you train is not often true. That is why we say: Do not be shy and rather just ask a trainer if you are unsure!

Assuming to a proper exercise execution is our strength equipment an ideal way to effectively and without injury train because we focus in the development of natural movements of people and ensure a high training comfort. Those who want a high value on comfort, will be thrilled by our new Next Generation instruments with automatic weight adjustment.