Form follows function – and this is true for DHZ Fitness. Without a flawless function and high-quality materials and processing, a product can hardly convince. In this respect, the function in product development is the first priority.

Nevertheless, beautiful things make life more livable. And that is why the design of everyday items – commonly referred to as industrial design – is just as important for the success of a product.

DHZ Fitness had therefore applied for the “Red Star Design Award”. The Chinese Design Award is always given back for the past year to avoid products of different categories for their remarkable design.

We had applied for the design award in 2015 with the X-8600 treadmill. The treadmill had not only participated, but could even win the coveted design prize in its category.

The “Red Star Design Award 2015” will be presented to DHZ Fitness and our partner Beijing IDW Industrial Design Co. Ltd. at the end of the year. . We are very pleased and hope that our customers can also look forward to the attractive design of our strength and fitness equipment.

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DHZ Fitness erhält den chinesischen Red Star Design Award 2015