Fitness equipment consists of steel tube frames. DHZ Fitness has now been able to optimize the process for welding the tube frames and can offer high-quality, improved welding seams. Responsible for this is the use of welding robots, which have now reached a particularly high level due to ongoing process optimization.

Welding means the joining of individual metal parts. The material edges which are to be joined are liquefied by heat and a welding additive and are joined together by a stable seam. When the metal has cooled, the individual components have non-detachably connected to each other.

The quality of the weld seams is decisive for the durability of the product. Especially in the case of sports equipment, a consistently high and consistent quality is necessary in order to ensure safe use. With fitness and power sport very high forces, so DHZ Fitness worked long on the improvement of the welds.

The solution was a partially automated production with welding robots. Unlike welders, welding robots increase productivity and improve weld quality. Welding the components by using welding robots offers some basic advantages compared to manual welding:

  • A much better weld seam quality can be achieved with the same welding processes
  • In robot welding the process parameters can be monitored for improved quality assurance
  • Welding with robots reduces the processing time of the components
  • Through spatter-free welding processes, elaborate finishing work is almost completely eliminated
  • Robot welding offers health benefits to employees, since direct processing is no longer necessary
  • The purchase of the welding robots is cost-intensive, but is worthwhile from a certain production size. With the high production volume of DHZ
  • Fitness several welding robots are used, which demonstrate their advantages in day-to-day use.

Not only is it beneficial to the quality of the product – welding is also cost-effective by a robot. The cycle times in production and production, even in difficult processing conditions, are easy to accomplish by a robot, so that production time and costs can be reduced.

This price saving is noticeable in the calculation of our fitness equipment. We are looking forward to your inquiry about fitness machines and fitness equipment from DHZ Fitness.